Move, have fun and immediately skyrocket your manifestation superpowers

Have you ever spent so much time thinking about manifesting your dreams it makes your head go dizzy?

You've tried all the tools in your spiritual box but for some reason, your dreams still seem to stay at an arm's length?

And manifestation has turned sour and stale and you wonder where the fun went?

Hi, I'm Lisy Butterfly and I know exactly how you feel.

I spent years obsessively looping in self-development techniques without seeing tangible results. It was deeply unfulfilling to do more and more mindset work and still not "feel" any different. 

Quite frankly, I felt infuriated to see it all work for others, except me and I started to believe that something must be wrong or inherently faulty within me.

  • Imagine turning your manifestation process into the most playful, fun and easy-going experience!

  • Waking up every day, feeling relaxed and confident that your dreams are underway and you know exactly what sets them into motion to come find you

  • Feeling your energy grounded and strong and your mind liberated and light

  • You live, breathe and ooze in the states of being that make you feel ecstatic about life and equally irresistible for real wealth, love and success

  • Just imagine checking off your whole goals list for 2021 and add more as a surprise


DanceManifestation - The Masterclass

A 2-hour Masterclass to turbo-charge your magnetism for dreams in 2021 and beyond

Course curriculum


I'm so ready for another dance with the universe

by Melia

I feel like I am still on high from Lisy’s Dance Manifestation Masterclass last night. The Dance Manifestation tool itself blew my mind, it was really magical! I can still not find the words to describe the whole experience, yet I am still in complete awe thinking about it. The colourful imagery, the energy made visible and all the emotions coming up. It was so freeing and really emotional for me. Apart from the method itself, Lisy’s background information on the different dimensions and energetic blueprints, her unique way of explaining and her gorgeous energy just made this masterclass a must watch for me. I am so excited to tune into this tool again and again and dive even deeper. I'm so ready for another dance with the universe <3

Dance Manifestation

is the missing link to most women's manifestation practise & it's at your fingertips now

Bonus material

to further support your journey through the process

  • Cosmic Dancer Playlist

    A specially curated playlist of songs to add variety and power to your Dance Manifestation Experience

  • Exclusive Meditation

    to release stress, anxiety and pressure, soothe mental overload and create inspiration toward your 2021 dreams on a daily basis

  • Cosmic Dancer 1:1 Call

    A 30min 1:1 coaching call with Lisy to help you deepen your experience and ask her personal questions about the practise.


...wait until you feel it!